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Complete Dry Eye Relief Kit - 1mo Supply

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Recommended for:

  • For Immediate and Long-term Relief of Dry Eye Symptoms
  • Natural Tear Production
  • Heart Health
  • Adults 30+

Product Highlights:

  • Our Complete Dry Eye Relief Kit provides support for Long Term Healthy Tear Production PLUS eye drops provide immediate relief for dry, itchy, and irrated eyes.
  • Dry Eye Supplement w/ 1400mg total Omega-3 fatty acids from Natural Triglyceride Fish Oil & Organic flax seed - For maximum tear production
    • 1400 mg Natural Triglyceride Fish Oil
      • Natural Triglyceride Form is up to 70% more absorbable than ethyl ester form found in most fish oils
      • Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil From Norway
  • Lubricating Eye Drops provide immediate relief for dry, itchy and irritated eyes
  • 1 month supply of our Dry Eye Supplement and Fast Acting Lubricant Eye Drops~ Get two dry eye products for the price of one!

Get our Best Selling Doctor Recommended 1400mg Omega 3 Dry Eye Supplement now Bundled with Lubricant Eye Drops!

~2 Dry Eye Products for the price of one~ You can now get our Complete Dry Eye Relief Kit for the original price of just one 1400mg Omega 3 Dry Eye Supplement! Our Dry Eye Kit helps you achieve maximum tear production and relief from your Dry Eye Symptoms in both the short and long term!

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