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Lipotriad Visionary - Better Than Ever!

by Alexia Armbrister January 01, 2018


Our AREDS 2 based formula remains unmatched in a one-per-day gel capsule! In maintaining 17mg of Zinc, Lipotriad upholds its leadership position with a “low Zinc” formula that significantly decreases the possibility of stomach distress. This also means that you can take a multivitamin, such as Centrum Silver, and still stay under the recommended 40mg of Zinc.

As a valued customer, you liked Lipotriad Visionary because it provided the 6 key ingredients recommended by AREDS 2 in one easy to swallow gel capsule. AREDS 2 reinforced that Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Copper were the key in fighting AMD.

How did Lipotriad get all this AREDS 2 recommended Vitamin E and Copper into such a small, one-per-day gel cap? In adhering to the latest U.S. Government Science, Visionary no longer contains a low dose of fish oil. AREDS 2 showed there was neither a positive nor negative impact on AMD with fish oil and did not recommend it.

Alongside Visionary, you can now use Lipotriad Dry Eye with a full 1400mg of fish oil if you are suffering from dry eye! Dry Eye’s competitive formula has a significant amount of Triglyceride fish oil in only two enteric coated gel capsules.

Alexia Armbrister
Alexia Armbrister


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