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Does Your Diet Contain Enough Lutein?

by Alexia Armbrister May 09, 2018

Every so often, you cross paths with an individual that says that they eat healthy and do not need to take vitamins.  My question is, are you REALLY getting all the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your eyes healthy by diet alone? 

Dr. Chew from the National Eye Institute addressed this subject. 

The AREDS 2 study determined that a person should have 10mg of Lutein every day.  Listed below are some lutein rich foods.  So here is the amount you need to eat everyday to get 10mg of Lutein:

  • 2 cups raw spinach

  • 1 cup of cooked collard greens

  • 5 cups of frozen peas

  • 5 cups of romaine lettuce

  • 5 cups of zucchini

  • 50 cups of oranges 

So you may like to eat vegetables and possibly consume 2 cups of spinach at a meal, but can you do this EVERYDAY?  If you are like most people, probably not.  Dr. Chew goes on to say that most people don’t eat this amount per week, much less per day.

So what do you do??  The solution is easy…just take a high quality AREDS 2 based eye vitamin. Lipotriad Visionary is the only AREDS 2 vitamin where the dosage is one small softgel per day, provides 100% of the Lutein/Zeaxanthin recommended by AREDS 2, is dye free, and can be purchased for under $.42 per day.  No other brand touches this value. 

So we should all do what Dr. Chew, deputy clinical director of the National Eye Institute, says, and take our eye vitamins.  And bonus, by taking Visionary, you’ll be saving money too!

Alexia Armbrister
Alexia Armbrister


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